About Us

Born from humble beginnings in a double-bay garage, before a move to a derelict pub; The VAB Lab lies at the heart of Edinburgh’s creative hub, with a stimulating new gallery here on Holyrood Road.

What is The VAB Lab?

Originally titled the Vintage Autograph bank, The VAB Lab was founded in 2010 to provide a bespoke framing service, specialising in high-value British and American pop culture memorabilia and art.

The VAB Lab was born out of a heady mix of passion, imagination, music, after-hours innovation, inventions and creative freedom. The unimpeded expression and innovative creative perspective naturally refashioned  and refined our style into our own unique and bespoke form; blending art, design, memorabilia, music and culture. Before long we has a collection of art & memorabilia like no other - and people wanted to see more.

Now running out of our new premises in the heart of Scotlands capital, we are combining a working creative laboratory with funking cool gallery space. This room is the evolution. We are happy you are here too, enjoying it with us.