Welcome to the Vab Lab® online space - The Vab Lab® has been operating since 2009, an active player on the British arts circuit - we're available online 7 days a week, give us a shout and we'd love to talk with you. Edinburgh Festival appointments available.

Current show - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023 Venue 261

The 2023 Velvet Etcher Collection

  • The Vic

    We live in an old pub, original foundations dating back to 1851. We love it. 'If walls could talk'. Available for very selective period film and television hire.

  • Edinburgh/Worldwide

    We've been focusing on international relations. That's not to say we've forgotten our roots. Business is brisk. We will do a show at home again, one day.

  • Online Focus

    Since the pandemic we've been focusing online, and it's changed our business model. By very strict appointment only or catch us online 24/7.